"Spit it out, psycho. You killed Lila, right? And you played wait list here like, like some loser." - HTGAWM

If I didn't think I was addicted to shows with OMG moments, six weeks without tv shows and the first show I watch (after one episode of The 100) is How to Get Away with Murder. Granted it was only five or six episode and season one was over, but still I may have an addiction to suspenseful shows. First, let me say that in no way shape or form does this mean that HTGAWM is a favorite show of mine because it is not. Second, I still have no idea if I will watch the second season. Enough of that though let's talk about what was an interesting season one for sure. 

Going back a couple months to the mid season finale of HTGAWM, I distinctly remember watching it thinking okay this really isn't that surprising. These kids killed the professor to protect one of their own. It was surprising that he survived that fall, but nothing shocking. UNTIL the last thirty seconds when we find out that ANALISE KNEW!!! and the best part of all she seemed okay that they did it. Knowing all of that you knew that it was going to be a crazy second half of the season. 

First episode back, the kids are freaking and mom is losing it. I guess killing your professor's husband and covering it up would cause you to go crazy. Wes is continually having nightmeres and keeping things from his group. Lural well she is freaking out a family meals and getting sent to her room. HER ROOM!!! She is in college for crying out loud. Connor is a hott mess and a half. For a while he was my favorite because he was in control and confident, now he is like a little boy falling apart. And he is trying to turn on his friends. But the best of all is Mik, girl's fiance broke up off her engagement and she to wants to turn on the others. Analise is just as messed up as the rest of them. I get mourning the loss of your husband, but he was a dead beat. Is that really a reason to go drink yourself away in cabin. Then to come back and blame the entire thing on him (which I one hundred percent support because at this point I still believe him the killer). I find it ironic that Analise had no problem telling others to help her clean up, but it was only at Wes' urging she told the others. All seemed well until the sister in law showed up...

Next episode, the monster in law sister is ready to bring down Analise. Also the case this week made me want to scream. HOW DARE THAT LADY JUST LEAVE A CHILD SOMEWHERE BY HERSELF?? Also how dare she not turn her husband in earlier? And finally, Analise was willing to lose a case to save someone. Life seemed good for everyone, even Asher who could not be anymore annoying if he tried. All is dandy until the news breaks that the professors remains have been found. Not gonna lie, but that seemed to easy. Why didn't they try hardered to get rid of him? 

Episode three back, everyone is freaking out again! The kids have all gathered together and monster in law sister is screaming for the cops to arrest Analise! Lots of back and forth and trying to turn on each other in this episode, but it was Analise in the end that turned into the monster. Once again she used her boy toy as the fall for this crime! I am not saying that Nate is innocent in any of this, but he is a cheater not a murder. And at the end of the day it is his wife I feel the worst for...she is sick and told him it was okay to be happy. Ya look how that happiness turned out for him? When I first heard about the ring, I thought Mik. But Analise used her hubby's ring instead to frame her lover. 

Then Mama Analise shows up and I realized that Analise has been one messed up person from early on. It actually surprised me to learn that Analise has more in common with Mikayla then Wes. Also what is her creepy obession with Wes? And how creepy was the case of the week? Analise manages to find the stragest cases and I really thought that Blondie was going to lose it. But she pulled through and got Asher back in the end. Speaking of those two how stupid are they that they would hook up in the parking lot for all the world to see and when I say all the world to see I mean Frank. For some reason, Frank and Lueral are one of my favorite couples (even though they aren't a couple lol). 

And while all of this is going on Wes is on a mission to figure if his current girlfriend is the killer of of her friend and he killed and innocent man. It all began with a letter from Rudy's grandma. The whole Rudy thing just seemed so thrown together and didn't make any sense at all until he pointed to Rebecca's photo and said wet. Then like typical kids they all jumped to the conclusion that Rebecaa had to be the killer. Even Wes, which was really surprising even the fact that he had been standing up for Rebecaa since day one. Sure Rebecca is not innocent and the flashbacks showed that, but she didn't deserve to be treated like an animal. I am just glad that Wes was able to work things out with her before her life was so sadly ended. 

Speaking of ending one's life, Sam may have not killed Lyla, but her ordered her murder and in my book that is just as guilty as the killer. What did Sam have on Frank that he would be willing to kill for him? Also even if Sam wasn't the killer Wes shouldn't have to feel bab about PROTECTING his friends. Sam was going to kill them. Also Sam was just an awful person in general. He was a serial cheater, took advantage of young girls, wanted Lyla to do something she didn't feel comforable with, and most of all lied about love. Sam killed Lyla. Sam killed Lyla. Such a creepy moment the two of them chanting. I swear there is more to that story then teacher and student. I just can't put my finger on it. 

Random Thoughts...

1. Oliver and Connor are super cute, until Oliver lied to Connor. He gave his so much crap about cheating when they really weren't even in a relay and in the end it is looking more and more like he knew he was positive. Did he really just think because Connor is loose that he was going to celebrate along with him that they may both be positive? I lost some respect for Oliver in that moment, but I was also really upset that the writers would ruin such a good thing for Connor!

2. Way to go Mik! Girl stood up and said I am not marrying your son to save face. I wanted to jump up and down and cheer from the roof top. She may be a lot of things but for the first time she actually stood up for herself and stopped trying to be what everyone else wanted her to be. 

3. Does Nate actually serve a real purpose or is his basic existance to allow Analise to get away with murder?

4. I may have called Lyla's killer early, but who killed Rebecca? I just don't think that Analise had it in her and why would Frank. Because Lueral told him to, that doesn't seem all that vivable. Maybe Blondie and Asher did it? I honestly don't know. It was probably Nate. I mean if anyone has a reason to kill someone it is him only it wouldn't make sense for him to kill Rebecca. It would make more sense if he killed Frank!

5. It really bothers me that Analise judges people for not being strong enough or being inhumane. I am sorry but she has been both. Also she is no victim so it was really hard to watch her mope around like the world was against her. 

Well I have a few months before I decide if I will watch season two....

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