"I know in the last milennium we haven't always seen eye to eye, but in this moment I am reminded of something Elijah has always said. Family is power." - The Originals

It may not be a realistic show, but The Originals is my favorite show on tv right now. Something about Klaus and company gets me every time. Not sure if it is the one liners, the hott actors, or just the interesting storylines. It feels like there is never a dull moment. Probably goes back to my addiction for OMG shows and let's face it the orginals has managed to still be an OMG show one and a half seasons strong. Then again VD lasted for about four seasons strong so I have a while before it begans a downhill spiral. 

When I first found out there was an original family on the VD, I remember thinking about all the possible storylines. Then I remember finding out about the original brothers and thought shoot nothing will be able to top that, but the fact that it couple be topped by introducing us to an entire family. A really messed up family, yet a family that has valued loyalty above all else. So I didn't think they would be able to top this orginal core family, but the writers did. They introduced us to Dahlia and Fraya and it all made sense as to why Easter wanted to kill her granddaughter. 

Also I was distraught when they said that Claire Holt was leaving the show. Rebecca is hands down one of my favorite originals and the storyline right before she left was one in a million. Joseph Morgan's acting and emotions during that episode were beautiful. So when she came back at the end and took Grace I thought maybe that meant there was a chance she would return. And she did in the episodes leading up to the winter finale. Of course I knew that Claire wasn't sticking around, but I am glad that they found a way to keep the character around. Before anyone starts yelling, yes I understand that body jumping is a way to keep them alive and on the VD I HATED it. But I have no problem admitting that I love having Kol, Rebecca, Finn, and even the mother back on The Originals. There coming back gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a orginal family. 

So why is this my favorite show...

1. Everything has a purpose. The flashbacks are not just a way to show us what they were like back in the day, but rather they allow us to have some insight into the characters current interactions. For example, the flashback of Marcel in WW2 was not my favorite, but it was helpful in understanding Marcel and Klaus and their take on loyalty and family. The same goes with the flashback that showed why Kol was continually annoyed with Klaus or why he locked Rebecca away in the crazy house. The only one I truly despised was Elijah and Tatia. I get that it was necessary, but something about the doppleganger storyline. All I could see was Elena and that is still all I can see when that red door appears. Also the witches are not just their to save the day, but rather they are there to do some dirty work (I get that seventy five percent of them are originals, but still). Also Devina is her own person! She is no longer anyone's puppet and I can't hate her for hating the orignal family anymore. 

2. There is so much raw emotion. Hayley is the best at this especially with her daughter. She will do anything to protect her daughter even marry someone she may not be in love with or try to stop the wedding. When she started to back out because of the truth plant I was confused because Hayley told Jackson about Elijah so I didn't understand what else could be hidden. Then I remembered baby Grace and the fact that only five people know about this baby (Elijah, Klaus, Hayley, Rebecca, and Cami). The parents may know too, but they don't count because they are just dead power for Finn right now. Klaus is really good with raw emotion too. Baby Grace is the best thing that ever happened to him. Granted he did try to kill Jackson unneccessarily, but when he realized that Jackson would care for his daughter as well he backed up. When Kol said he wasn't mourned I wanted to scream YES YOU WERE!!! Klaus wanted to tear apart that entire down after little Gilbert killed you! 

3. They are trying to save a family, instead of one specific person. Yes, it was fun to try and save Elena time and time again, but you can only do that so many times before it gets old. Sure this family seems bound to repeat the same mistakes, but look at how they have grown. Klaus forgave Elijah! Talk about a big step in that relationship. Kol helped his brother and he apologized to Rebecca. I also think that they made that dagger for another reason. And when Kol died the emotion on all of their faces was evident to the fact that they believe in "forever and always". Family will be what saves them when Dahlia finally does come to down, unfortantely I have a feeling that Fraya and Finn will be standing on the wrong side of that family battle in the end. 

4. The relationships are all full of star crossed lovers. Marcel and Rebecca. The look that passed between them in the last episode was epic. He knows it is her because he has been in love with her all of his life. I cannot wait to see how that storyline plays out. Elijah and Hayley. Granted they may never be together, especially now that I think Hayley is falling for Jackson. But Elijah does love her and oh how he wanted to tell her! I agree with Hayley though she tried so hard to get him to tell her the truth, but he wouldn't and so now he can just keep it to himself. Devina and Kol. It is sad that I am more upset about that relationship ending then I am Kol dying? They were the cutest. He really did care for her and she him. Adian and Josh. They are the most frustrating of the star crossed lovers, but I am glad that Jackson told Adian to get off his high horse. Who cares that they are different, very soon they will all be fighting on the same team. I still think that Klaus and Cami are eventually going to make a run at it. Cami is still one of those characters that I don't know how I feel about. Sure she is not as annoying as she used to be, but she is still that one human living in the supernatural world.

As we head into the home stretch of the season, I am interested to see how this Dahlia storyline plays out. She is clearly coming to town (and not just because she has been cast for a future episode), but also because that baby has some real juice. I mean she stopped a moving vehicle to save her and Cami's life. Talk about a strong willed child. Of course they will defeat Dahlia, but at what cost and who will pay the cost. Something tells me that it might be Jackson. I am also interested to see what Fraya is all about. She helped Rebecca, but then she went running back to Finn. Granted Finn is the only sibling that she really knows seeing how she was taken before the rest were born, but she also hates Dahlia so you think that she would want to join her siblings. As for right now I am sticking with the bad vibes that I am getting from her. 

Random Thoughts...

1. The real problem with Kol dying is that I do not get a weekly dose of Daniel Sharmen anymore! And that is really a sad moment in tv history. 

2. Jackson getting married in a plaid suit would have killed me. He is really a great guy. Shoot I mean he was willing to give up his wedding night to let his bride see her long lost daughter. That is true love at its finest. 

3. Marcel has been in the shadows too long this season. It is time for him to shine once more. Remember at the beginning of this show, NO was his and there was nobody gonna take that from him. It is crazy to think that he was the big bad at that point and time. 

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