"I did listen, now it is my turn to talk." - Chicago Fire

Three episodes into Chicago Fire season five and I am ready to hand Casey's crown of stupidity to Severide. Okay, so you got your feelings hurt with Kit and you don't think she handled the situation correctly. I also understand that you almost killed someone, but it was in self defense. Some poeple would also point out that Severide is not the best at handling big life events (does anyone remember mountain man after Shay died or marrying some chick he just met in Vegas? even back in season 1 he was ready to leave for China!). Yet he is not that stupid to believe everything that is coming out of Travis' mouth. You left a girl on the bench for her privacy? No, you left her on the bench to keep your name in the good graces. I am tired of seeing Kelly fall on hard times. Can something good just happen? 

Go Casey. Up until the end of last season, I really despised Casey. He ALWAYS made the wrong choice and was very selfish. Look at everything he put Gabby through, even at the beginning of this season I was worried he would still walk away from her and Louie. But watching him tell off his former political planner was pretty incredible. Honestly, I was kind of surprised to see her back after what happened at the end of last season, but than again Casey was never noted for being bright. As soon as she showed up this week, I knew something was going down. I wasn't too worried about Louie because Gabby has already been through enough, but I was a little worried Casy would walk away from his family and back to the planner. Luckily for everyone Casey has grown a bit wiser (whether it be from politics or maturity), he knew something was up and had no problem putting people in their place. I only worry this may come back to haunt him later down the road. 

Poor Jimmy. It sounds as though we have seen the last of Steven R McQueen on Chicago Fire at least for the time being. While it was a horrible ending to his character's story, I don't think it could have ended any other way. Jimmy was out of control and looking for anyone and everyone to blame for his brother's death. His head was not where it needed to be, especially when working such a dangerous job. Bowden tried to tell everyone, but due to politics and needing to watch everyone's feelings bad things happened. I am gald that Chicago Fire wrapped up this story quickly because they do sometimes have a tendency to drag them out (Chilli, really anything with Gabby and Casey, a couple of Mills' stories). This one was quick and to the point. I just hope this doesn't end up coming back on Bowden because we have already been there done that last season!

Finally, I am over Otis and Cruise freaking out about Travis and wanting to be his little groupies. If only they knew who this guy was and what he was doing to Kelly, they would be telling Kelly to run. Give Herman more air time! He is the heart and soul of Fire House 51 and to see him reduced to background one liners is NOT FUN! Most of the time I really don't care much for the fires/cases of the week, but I did like how Kit did everything she could for the boy. I think a lot of it stemmed from her guilt with Grant, but I am glad to see her trying to pay it forward and keep anyone else from ending up in the same state as Grant. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pairing of Dawson and Brett. I have always felt that Antonio needed a love interest and I wanted him to get with Nadia, but clearly that was derailed when Nadia was killed. Antonio is too nice of a guy and too nice looking to just have a crazy ex and while Brett isn't my first choice (because who hasn't she dated) I am happy to see him finally have a love interest. 

Random Thoughts...

1. Is anyone else over the fanfiction story? I am. It's kinda creepy and what do they think everyone is going to do if this story ever gets published. It probably won't do well for thise realationships personally or professionally? 

2. People probably hate that I say this all of the time, but I love how seemlessly all of the shows in Chicago can cross over. 

3. What is Travis' motive for wanting to hang out with Kelly? Right now it just feels as though he wants Kelly to be his personal fixer and that will only end poorly for Kelly. 

Next week it looks as though Casey is in danger, but let's be honest he's not going to die and clearly there is something that we are missing in the promo! 

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