"Either you get up and fight this or you crawl away and die alone like a coward." - The 100

I am not sure what made me watch The 100 in the first place. Maybe I just needed to see Isiah Washington post Grey's or the fact that I like to give CW shows a chance before I rule them out. Either way I started watching it last spring, and I actually celebrated when it was renewed for season three a few weeks ago. Yet this is a show that I consistantly find myself screaming at, there is no one on this show that I have hated at least once and there are many that I have found myself hating over and over and over. So as I prepare myself for next week's season two finale, I wonder will those on the hate list make it to the like list before season three and will those on the like list make their way over to the hate list by the end of next week's finale. 

Everyone I can't stand/loathe right now...

1. Lexa is numero uno. I despise the fact that she turned on Clarke. Clarke killed the man she "loved" to find peace with your people, Lexa seems to be in love with her, and Clarke never would have gone back on her word. Lexa has tried to turn Clarke into a cold, lifeless person and it seemed to work for a while. Until Tron DC, Clarke may have said that it was her idea to leave all those people but it was one hundred percent Lexa. Oh and Lexa tried to kill Octava and now she is only saving her skin. If someone takes her out in the finale, I will not be heartbroken. Finn may have made some pretty crappy choices, but at least he somewhat deserved Clarke. If Clarke goes back to this girl, Clarke will before numero uno!

2. Murphy and Jaha are pretty high on this list right now. Okay so they are out finding some promise land...big whoop. They took men and guns from the camp all because they felt left out. Jaha more so then Murphy has annoyed me the minute he reunited with the camp. The sky and earth are not the same place and you don't know anything about earth so sit down and shut up! Also how is that man still alive? 

3. The president of the mountain men and his son are horrible awful people, yet I feel bad for them. They are just trying to survive in an unsurvivable world. But the president was a sell out after he recieved the treatment from his son and his son was the awful person who turned Lincoln into a reaper. So I may feel bad for them, but their actions outweigh how I feel. 

4. Basically all of the grounders, their people had been trapped at Mount Weather for years. They needed the Ark to help them save their people and the minute they can save their people they turn on those that allowed this very action to occur. I get that they have different standards and their view of the mountain men is much more seeped in hatred, but how could they do that? Though you had a sinking feeling it was coming, when Lexa left by herself to take out the snippers. 

5. Abby is still on this list for how she is treating Clarke. She is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black everytime she opens her mouth. Also Clarke is one of the best leaders for this group, Abby should have taken off with Jaha for the city of lights in my opinion. She didn't even thank her daughter for coming to save her life! Also Jake was clearly expendable to Abby, but I can't tell who she really cares for Jaha or Marcus. 

6. Raven, oh Raven, I get that the man you love is dead, but he didn't love you in his final moments so why are you so upset? Finn was fully in love with Clarke, he killed an entire village for her. Yes, he went to jail for you, but he didn't kill anyone for you. So why she continued to act like a brat was beyond my imagination. Also the way she treated Wick was awful! Thankfully made up for it by asking him to stay with her in the end. 

Characters I like as of right now...

1. Bellamy Blake is hands down my favorite character on this show. Who would have every thought I would say that? In the beginning, I wanted him to go down so bad, but somewhere along the way he changed. Maybe it was when he changed his hair too. He has grown into a real leader. Had Bellamy known that Clarke didn't tell them about the bomb to save him, he would have laid into her. The Bellamy that is only alive to save himself is gone. These are his people and he will go down fighting for them. He even saved Jasper and Monty, remember when he wanted to kill them? 

2. Octavia stood up for her own and it was in that moment I realized how far she has come. Actually both of the Blake siblings have come a long way from the pilot episode. Octavia was a naive, fall in love with whoever, and do whatever type of girl. Thanks to Lincoln (I know he said that she has always been strong) she has come into her own. But she has not lost that sense of loyalty, which is why I think she was so betrayed by Clarke's actions. Yes, Octavia wanted to gain the respect of the Grounders, but the people of the Ark are her family. And no matter what she was not going to leave her brother!

3. Clarke is back on this list after her momentary lapse of judgment to follow Lexa to the dark side. Clarke has always put her people first, so when she told Bell to go because she didn't care I was annoyed. That's not Clarke, she cared about Bellamy even when he was awful. Her only other lapse of judgment was when she wanted to kill Murphy. Clarke cares and who is Lexa to tell her any differently. I get that she was upset about Finn and trying to block out that memory, especially since she was the one that killed him, but even then that didn't last long. 

4. The crew in the mountain are fantastic. That fight scene that kept the soliders off of the fifth floor was epic. The sad part is that is this group prevails and wins Maya is most likely a goner. Those in the mountain won't let her stay and she can't live without the treatment. They won't force the treatment on one of their own, but they could force it from one of the treated mountain men, but I am not sure if that is how it works. 

Lincoln gets an honorable mention for once more surviving another season where he should have died at least ten times. 

Season one was all about meeting the grounders, surviving the ground, and getting the others to the ground. Season two has been about leadership on the ground, the mountain men, and trying to find peace. I believe that season three will be all about the city of lights and the effects of the finale. It will be intersting to see how Clarke plans to get her people out of this one because it is not just those in mount weather, but also those that the mountain men sent people after. It seems like it is going to come back to the orginal kids banding together to save the lives of those closest to them. And I am okay with that, it would have been nice to have the grounders help but they weren't the ones the helped them survive in the first place. They are a family and something tells me that will be enough. That being said I do not think that everyone is going to survive, but I also have no idea who is going to be killed. Because let's be honest I thought that there was no way they killed Finn. It wasn't until I watched the promo about ten times that I realized he was really gone and even then I didn't believe it until he was being burned. So that being said I don't think that anyone is safe. 

Random Thoughts...

1. They all have the nastiest hair, yet I find myself wanted Octavia's braids so bad!

2. Can the city of lights have something so shocking that I am just left with my mouth wide open for about five mintues. And not the kind of surprise like betrayal, yes I did gasp when Lexa turned on Clarke. 

3. Clarke was basically the commader as the president of the mount pointed out. She came up with the idea and brought together the people and the supplies. The only problem she didn't forsee was that people are unpredictable. 


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